the project

the two of us have always had a weakness for traditions and projects. many big and small ones have been developed and established in the years of our friendship. one such tradition is to always have a yearly project. after a photographic and literary one, this year we decided to embark on a culinary adventure.

on a gloomy thursday afternoon, we sat together in a café in london and wrote down seventy-five words and phrases onto small slips of paper, all of them related to either food  or cookery. the idea is to blindly draw one each sunday, giving us one week to each come up with a recipe incorporating the ingredient, color, kitchen appliance, texture, etc. found on the chosen snippet. thus, famelicose was born, being both an obsolete word for “always hungry” and an acronym standing for “friends apart mix, explore, love ingredients creating outstandingly scrumptious eats”.

to document our creations, successes and failed attempts, we decided to set up a blog. congratulations, you found us!* we’ll be posting here once a week and hope you enjoy our endeavor.

gioia & rahel


*if you’re bearded and single, you may collect your prize – a homemade cookie – in whichever city (basel/london) is closest to you.




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