week two – burgers à la gioia

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burgers. the big b.

i believe both rahel and i were a bit scared when i drew the snippet containing just that one word. burgers are big. burgers have been invented and reinvented and rereinvented so many times in all the superlatives possible. at first, i was debating whether i should do something really “out there”. something crazy. something new. but i quickly reached the conclusion that in the world of burgers everything has been done at least once: sushi burger, pizza burger, cupcake burger. and that exactly is why i decided to take another route on the burger-train.i went for a really classic burger; bun, beef patty, condiments. instead of trying to create something completely innovative, i chose to keep the standard idea of a burger but to make it more interesting by amping up the individual pieces of my ultimate burger. to lay the foundation, i opted for some fluffy brioche buns. using this recipe http://www.theclevercarrot.com/2013/05/light-brioche-hamburger-buns/ as a base, i added some s’chug mix (basically spicy spices) and a bit of grated mature cheddar both into the dough and on top of the buns. (i’m really struggling not to say anything about anacondas. focus, gioia. focus) as for sauces, i went for a rather traditional ketchup-mayo-combo. i had never done either before, so i was quite looking forward to trying out my condiment skills. or lack thereof. the mayonnaise, which i added some lemon zest and fresh finely chopped parsley to, turned out quite well and was surprisingly satisfying to make. the ketchup however, well, not so much. i somehow thought it’d be a good idea to replace the vinegar the recipe called for with the juice of half a blood orange. i also added some zest of the aforementioned citrus fruit. ultimately, i did find the orangeness rather overpowering and should i be deciding to give making ketchup another try, i’d definitely not omit all of the vinegar, if any. but hey, we live and learn. the patties themselves took the least effort. i added another piece of cheddar to their midst which melted nicely when i fried them. to round everything off i caramelised some onions, sliced some avocado, chopped some small plum tomatoes and washed some crisp salad. the whole meal was served with sweet potato fries tossed in himalayan salt (only ever use the himalayan kind. it’s important) and olive oil.

burger week definitely was a challenge and rather time consuming, but a nice hearty burger at the right time is sometimes all one’s heart and stomach desire.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

a picture of my big little brother munching on a sweet potato fry.


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