week two – burgers à la rahel


i remember adding burger to the list and hoping that it would get chosen at some point. mind you, at some point, eventually. definitely not in the second week of january. but, as they say: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. so, burgers i made.

there are hundreds, heck, thousands of burger variations out there. and – who doesn’t like a good burger? it’s actually one of the things keeping me from becoming fully vegetarian again. but i’m not just talking about burgers with meat; when i was brainstorming ideas, just the thought of the many possibilities was overwhelming. beef burger with brie and fig chutney (my mouth was watering…), chicken burger with feta and tzatziki, beet burger with feta, halloumi burger with arugula and tomato tapenade…seriously. SO. MANY. OPTIONS.

after talking to gioia and hearing about her take on this week’s challenge, i decided to make a vegetarian dish. inspired by pauline’s sweet potato wedges and kale chips, i chose to use sweet potatoes as the main ingredient for the burger patties. after roasting the potatoes in the oven, i added some beans, flour, spices and an egg, mashed it all together and then simply fried them. add some homemade wholewheat buns, avocado and a bit of sour cream – voilà!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAoh, and next week? all hands on the frying pan!


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