week four – filo pastry à la rahel


apparently, basel does not do filo pastry. although i am convinced i have seen filo pastry at migros before, i could not find any this time. maybe someone is throwing a filo pastry party in basel this weekend. or the filo pastry supplier fell ill, who knows. after going to five different stores – even globus (having prepared to spend an exorbitant amount of money for the pastry beforehand) – i gave in; there was nothing to be done. no filo pastry to be found. not anywhere. so, strudel pastry was what i (very begrudgingly) ended up buying.

right before she returned to london, gioia introduced me to cream cheese made out of goat’s milk. i am not very keen on anything goat related. sheep? yes. but goat? nah. not until now, that is. now, i can’t seem to envision any meal without it. naturally, it seemed perfect for this week’s challenge. the creamy texture of the cheese paired with crunchy filo – ahem, strudel – pastry, is there anything better? there is, in fact. creamy cheese, crunchy pastry, plus butternut squash and walnuts: a match made in heaven.



ladies and gentlemen, put on your sombreros; next week is mexican week!


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