week five – mexican à la rahel


i think i got myself stuck in a rut. all i could think of (apart from THE cream cheese) was making some kind of pastry and filling it with something. to be fair, who doesn’t immediately think of fajitas and tacos and enchiladas and quesadillas when they hear mexican? i know i do. i know my mom does. my sister and her boyfriend, probably even my grandma does. yet, i decided not to make any of that. because there must be so much more to mexican food! and because i wanted to try something new. fortunately for me, i know someone from mexico. and whom better to ask for ideas?

after considering my question for a few seconds, she gave me her first answer: enchiladas. which of course made me smile. then? tamales. and boy would i like to make tamales. however, after my failed attempt at finding filo pastry last week, i suspected it would be nearly impossible to find cornhusks, at least in february. what’s a girl to do? persevere and try again. well, as they say: the third time is the charm. entonces, sopa de tortilla. something i didn’t even know existed until she mentioned it. i realize the link to the whole “making something and filling it with something” is still there, but it’s not ( not really anyway). besides, the idea of taking much of the same ingredients and somehow making a soup out of them – a warming, comforting soup – sounded perfect to me. and it was; perfect for this lazy (snowy) sunday. thank you, maria.



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