week six – chicken à la rahel

this time last week, i had never cooked a whole chicken before. i guess one could blame it – at least partly – on madeline. madeline and her chicken friend, fred. everyone who knows the movie will probably agree with me that the chicken scene is one of the most memorable scenes of the movie. and not very encouraging if you’re considering cooking a chicken. nevertheless, it’s something i’ve always wanted to try and this week provided the ideal opportunity to do so.



while stuffing the chicken with halved limes and a chili wasn’t really my favorite part of the experience, the rest was quite easy; i made a simple piri piri sauce to marinate freddie and added some peppers to the baking tray while he was roasting in the oven. as a side, i baked some potatoes and topped them off with a little bit of feta mixed with some cilantro and chili (jamie oliver’s brilliant idea, not mine). and because there were quite a few chilis involved, i also made a cooling sauce out of greek yogurt, cucumber, cilantro and a squeeze of lemon.

with all due respect, fred, ’twas a pleasure.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  next week, it’s time to reinvent another classic: the sandwich. ooooooh boy.


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