week seven – sandwich à la gioia

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who doesn’t like a good sandwiches? there are, however, sandwiches and sandwiches, the former being the ones you buy for a quid at a gas station and the latter being something much more exquisite and fresh. which, obviously, is what i attempted this week. i remembered having made a steak sandwich a couple of years back for my mum and my brother and they both thoroughly enjoyed. contrary to what the past few posts have suggested, i am not actually much of a carnivore, i do, however, sometimes feel like some high quality meat (somewhat off-topic, but i actually ended up forgetting the meat when i went to shop for groceries (so silly, i know) and didn’t realise until i had already paid for my tons of other things so i had to shlep myself back to the meat isle with all of my stuff trying to find a nice cut of steak. oh well). just like rahel, i decided to make my own bread for this sandwich, a ciabatta to be exact. i had never made ciabatta before and, to be honest, had been scared off by reading how difficult the dough was to handle, being very sticky and liquid. the ciabatte, though, which i made yesterday already, turned out really well. nice and crunchy and airy and yummy and were just as scrumptious when i quickly threw them into the oven again today to crispen up. i ended up eating two of the (smaller) rolls with some of the chili i had made in mexican week and frozen for future-too-lazy-to-cook-gioia. i garnished the sandwich with a horseradish-mayo-sauce, some rocket, roasted peppers and a bit of manchego (a spanish sheep cheese rahel and i connect many a memory to). served with some roasted garlic-rosmary-potatoes i enjoyed a truly hearty and filling lunch today.

next week we’ll be baking again: give me that shortcrust pastry.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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