week seven – sandwich à la rahel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA sandwich week started of with lots of questions. can i make a panini in sandwich week? does a wrap count as a sandwich? i for one think anything that involves two slices of bread and something between those two slices can be called a sandwich.  wikipedia broadens the term, including “any dish wherein two or more pieces of bread serve as a container or wrapper for some other food”. clearly making a sandwich out of the wrap. which is fine by me (although i hadn’t planned on making a wrap anyway). (unnecessary babble? oh well.) to be honest, i’d have liked having sandwich week at some later point. because then, lads and lasses, i’d have attempted a pulled pork sandwich. but making something that has to roast in the oven for eight hours just would’t have fit into this last week. pulled pork needs time. and time is not something at my disposal right now (insert pouty lips). hence, i decided i’d grab the chance to bake a bread i’ve been wanting to make for a long time: a sourdough bread with pumpkin. i’d make the bread and improvise the rest, using things i already had at home for the filling. so, once i’d finished making the dough, i had to come up with the rest. i still had some pumpkin left and decided to make a pesto with it, roasting it along with some garlic in the oven first, then blending it with parmesan, rosemary, olive oil and ground almonds. already in the mood for pesto-making, i made another one using fresh arugula. mmmh! i checked the fridge once more and set up a game plan: sandwich numero uno would contain arugula pesto, ricotta, dry-cured ham and dried tomatoes, numero due pumpkin pesto and brie. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA four hours later, the kitchen smelled heavenly of freshly baked bread. then, the assembled sandwiches already on the plate,  i had a sudden flash of inspiration…five minutes more and the sandwiches were back on the plate, the freshly melted brie now dripping down the edges of the bread. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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