week nine – donal skehan à la rahel


i don’t remember when exactly it was that i discovered donal skehan. what i do remember though is that the first thing i did was to tell gioia about it. a young cook from ireland? well helloooo there! that was some time ago, but lots of blog posts and youtube videos later, i’m still a fan. my what-to-cook lists (yes, there are several.) grow constantly and a fair few of the recipes originate with donal. with that said, it was no easy task choosing what to make for this week. until my ingenious friend louanne suggested that i cook something irish, that is.

luckily, mr. skehan is very well organized, providing me with a list of perfectly manageable traditional irish dishes. i made my choice of two (cheeky, i know.) recipes: the beef and guinness pie and his creamy colcannon mash. never having cooked with beer before, i decided this was the ideal opportunity to try it. i did however omit the pie part of the recipe, going for a stew instead. and mash, well, what else would you make?


donal’s recipes being very straightforward, the outcome was what i had expected. one thing i hadn’t anticipated? how much – and i’m sorry to say this – i disliked the guinness per se. to be fair, i’m not much of a beer drinker. and guinness? it was completely fine in the stew, but otherwise…let’s not dwell on it.


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