week ten – mary berry à la rahel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA it’s mary berry week! and book club meeting week! and let’s-go-hiking week! in short, it has been a good week. a week full of revelations and realizations. the first of them being that i need to get out more. as a child, i was never a big fan of hiking. my father however was. so, each weekend – or at least that’s what it felt like – we would pack the tent, camping mats and sleeping bags into the car, drive into the desert and go hiking. that is, my father went hiking. my sister, mother and i hauled ourselves over rocky trails, our faces contorted, the torture plainly visible. to be fair, it wasn’t all that bad. looking back, the positive memories definitely prevail, but back then – oh boy – we did not like hiking. luckily, my views on hiking have changed. which leads me back to this week; on saturday i went hiking with a group of friends. and it was fun! it was exhausting, but so satisfying. plus, it justified our sunday feasting. which brings me back to the book club meeting and this week’s theme: mary berry. i had decided to make something for our book club meeting slash brunch very early on. as i don’t own any of mary berry’s cookbooks, i had to rely on gioia and her collection. so, during our skype conversation one evening, we discussed my options. at the end of the call, i had made my decision: scones. perfect for a brunch and, in my opinion, very adequate for mary berry week. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and thus, i come to the second revelation: scones are surprisingly easy to make. i made plain ones and added cut-up medjool dates to some of them. to substitute the classic clotted cream, i whipped some heavy cream. and to make things a bit more interesting, i also made a savoury scone bake, with cheddar and olives. although the plain ones turned out exactly as they should be and were delicious, the cheddar and olive scone bake ultimately won me over. actually, i might just go have another piece right now… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…we’ll be back next week with something made in a casserole dish.


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