week twelve – nuts à la gioia

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this week was (no pun intended, i swear) nuts. ups and downs par excellence. i got my hair cut shorter than it has been in probably around a decade (are we that old already), rahel saying she can only stay for a day when visiting next week, rahel saying she can actually stay longer than a day, the last week of uni before the easter break (happy easter, y’all. i was given a lindt chocolate bunny today. thanks, flo), a dinner party at mine, my first sunday roast, a trashcanbonfire, a date (say wha’), my finishing f.r.i.e.n.d.s. and so forth. yeah. busy times.

and because i was so busy i decided to combine this week’s blogpost with something i had to do anyway: make new granola. i love granola. mix it with some yogurt and fresh fruit and you’ve got yourself a healthy (and combined with a mason jar also rather portable) breakfast. or dinner. or snack. i love making my own because it allows customisation to one’s heart’s fullest content. there are also no conservatives and less sugar and all that jazz. full win, basically. my favourite recipe (which is somewhat silly to say, having only ever made the one (multiple times, though)) is this (there’s an actual link connected to the word. i didn’t just tease you. fret not). i exchanged the pecans for walnuts and added a bit of cinnamon and some pitted, dried dates. it also features maple syrup and coconut shreds and rolled oats and just loads of utterly delicious ingredients.

just like rahel i had a brunch today, too, albeit on a much smaller scale. ’twas just my dearest friend flo and myself. i served the granola (amongst fresh baguette that flo bought in a french bakery (so good) and lovely cheese and so forth) with honey-yogurt and frozen blueberries.

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i love my new massive jars. they all have little blackboard-ish labels which i, considering how atrocious my handwriting is, i refuse to write upon. i can’t wait for rahel to do so!

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