week thirteen – curry à la gioia

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“happy easter, y’all!”, said the jew. i hope your easter egg hunts have been successful and that you have all stuffed your bellies with lindt chocolate bunnies and (if you have access to them) mini eggs. seriously. how addictive are those?

can you believe it’s actually april already? how on earth? despite the calendrical spring’s arrival a couple of weeks back, the metrological part seems to be struggling to catch up over here in the big smoke. all of the floral light dresses and the pastel nail varnishes are still safely stowed and waiting for a spring awakening (the latter isn’t actually true. i’m currently rockin’ a mint green version that i embellished with roses to make up for the lack of florals i actually wear). so when the theme “curry” was chosen, i decided to bid winter farewell with another big pot of soup. because what’s more comforting than a massive bowl of boiling hot soup on a cold winter’s (aka early spring’s) eve (aka noon)? exactly. nothing. (a hot chocolate in front of a bonfire, maybe (jeez, i’m truly going all out on the brackets today!))

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset        Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

intense research (reading the first paragraph of the wikipedia entry for “curry powder”) taught me that originally, as assumed, curry came from southern and southeastern asian cuisine. like probably most people, my first association when hearing “curry” is either an indian version or a thai one. i, however, went to another continent, at least for a part of my dish: africa. i present an african curry coconut soup. served with a geographically completely inappropriate but culinarily perfectly logical indian chapati. #rebel. the soup features a ton of scrumptious veggies, chickpeas, brown rice, canned tomatoes, coconut milk (obviously) and a shedload of beautiful flavours and spices.

winter, ’twas great to spend some time again, but please, it’s spring’s turn now.

p.s. exciting things are happening next week. my dearest, deeeeearest snuki (being rahel), phianettli (sophia) and tani (tanika) are visiting me in london for a few days. which is why rahel and i decided to use that time together for our first collab on this blog. well, within the blog. with each other. you get the point. the theme? elderflower… (i mean, fo’ realz. how springy is that?) Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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