week fourteen – elderflower à la snukandinski

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leck mr, schleck mr, what a week it’s been. honestly. it felt like a whole month.

seeing as i had a two-week long break, rahel, tanika and sophia (the two latter of which are very close friends of ours) decided to visit me in my humble abode in london. for a whole five days. (ish. well, rahel flew back to switzerland for less than twenty-four hours between thursday and friday, but that’s a whole ‘nother story). what followed the three lovely ladies’ arrival were an action packed few days full of food, parks, exhibitions (well, one), shopping, food, sunshine, late night ice-cream, walking around, parks, food, dancing, beard-watching, laughter, paperbags floating through the wind (and wanting to start again), bus rides, markets, rubbish tv shows (and we’ll never be roooooyals), some spooning just reserved for rahel, conversations about boobs and jamie dornan’s quite pronounced calf muscles, and food. we didn’t actually eat that much. (or did we?) very exhausting and fun. funxhausting (can you tell how tired i actually am?)

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rahel and i were rather excited about finally getting to cook together for the blog, but with all that busyness we ultimately ended up with much less time than we had anticipated. luckily”, this week’s theme allowed a quick fix; as a goodbye-drink we served elderflower-moscato-frozen-blueberries-and-lime-cocktails. very delicious and just waiting for even warmer weather to finally come ’round. considering that rahel is the better photographer and i have a bigger keyboard (yeah) we decided that she’d be taking the photos (which is really bloody difficult with drinks) and i’d write the post. just so y’all know (not that it matters, really. jeez, my brain is mush. i hope rahel edits all of this rambling out (nope, sorry…my brain is mush, too))

next week’s recipes will include chocolate, which is great seeing as i’ll have to eat my sorrow about my dearest friends’ departure away.

i miss you. (miss you, too. heaps!)

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset and as a little schmakerl for our dear readers, the first ever photo on this blog showing us, rahel and gioia (very left and second from left) with the aforementioned tanika and sophia.

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