week fifteen – chocolate à la gioia

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this blogpost could easily be called “confessions of a chocaholic”. for that is what i am. truly. a combination of having to keep up my reputation as a proper swiss here in england and actually loving chocolate causing me to have something cocoa-y on more or less a daily basis. interestingly (it’s not overly interesting. really). i rarely have actual, pure chocolate but usually in form of a bar, ice-cream or some baked goods.

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being such an avowed lover of da chocolate the number of recipes on my “chocolatey-things-i-need-to-try-before-i-die-from-a-chocolate-overdose”-list is endless. heck, there are whole books, shops and masterclasses concentrating on nothing than choco (desperately trying to find ways to substitute “chocolate”). tough choice. before i had settled on something, however, i stumbled across a very promising recipe from the guys from sorted (all of which i have a tiny culinary crush on): this delicious chocolate meringue cake. and i couldn’t have made a better choice. chocolatey-merniguey-almondy-whippedcreamy-goodness. truly. i rarely follow recipes exactly, but for this very recipe i truly did, except for leaving out the part about cutting the cake in half and stacking it to create more height and layers. oh, and i used a tad less cream. but ultimately, this recipe was an absolute winner. i brought half of it to a rehearsal with two belgian guys who both liked it so much that there were no discussion about whose homeland produces better chocolate.

next week we bake bread.

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