week seventeen – spicy à la gioia

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in my opinion, honesty is one of the biggest virtues in life. and i know the idea of this blog is to talk about food. which i shall do in just a bit. and if you don’t feel like reading about a quarter-life-crisis-whine, please do skip to the next paragraph, which is entirely food-related. i promise. but i also feel the need to say that i haven’t exactly had a great week (being honest and all). i’m not even sure what exactly it was. a combination of many things, i believe. my yearly traditional birthday depression (my birthday being next week, which i am not looking forward to at all), stress at uni, which i’m mainly putting upon myself, which is both utterly stupid and entirely unhelpful, really, and also the shock of my second year at uni being over now. how. on. earth? i feel like i realised something about myself this week (look at me going all self-analytic as if i knew what i’m talking about (to be fair, rahel and i did have psychology classes back in our gymnasium days and finished off with a smashing but severely underrated (and undergraded) presentation about the dissociative identity disorder. i ramble. of course)): i don’t mind change. well, i kind of don’t. what i really struggle with are the things ending that inevitably come with change. i’m not a fan of endings. especially when i feel like things have only just begun. oh well. not all weeks are good weeks and there could always be even worse weeks and all that jazz. i just somehow felt like getting that off my tired-from-sighing-and-sobbing chest. drama queen.

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food. admittedly, chocolate truffles wouldn’t exactly be one’s first association when hearing “spicy”. to be honest, i’m still not entirely sure how i ended up making them and justifying to myself that they toootally count. but the combination of chocolate and spices has always been of great fascination to me. adding an ever so small pinch of cayenne pepper and cinnamon to chocolate ice cream or my beloved hot chocolate makes them so much more fragrant and exciting. that little tingle on your tongue that reminds you of the delicious sip and spoonful you’ve just enjoyed long after they’re gone (not too long, ideally. nothing worse than eating something that’s so spicy it drowns out all of the other flavours). so truffles i made. in addition to the chilli-cinnamon-ginger-tonsmoreexcitingspices ones, i also attempted orange-truffles dipped into white chocolate (aka the making of the biggest mess ever) and garnished with some candied orange zest (the making of which left my flat smelling orange-y for hours. yum) and some rose (“what? like the flower?” yes, james, like the flower) flavoured ones rolled in chopped pistachios. as always, having made more food than i could ever eat, i ended up distributing the little chocolate balls to fellow students, band members, uni faculty and staff, increasing my popularity rate (which mainly got where it is by previously having provided people with all dem eats) by at least 0.3 points. long live the power of food.

save those tears, because next week we’re gettin’ salty.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset     Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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