week eighteen – savory à la rahel

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presethow’s spring treating you, wherever you are? here in basel, the sun has finally decided to show itself a bit more often and after the rainy days we’ve had, it’s been absolute bliss! i even had lunch on the rooftop terrace on wednesday – in a sleeveless shirt! sitting there, under the sun, i realized once again how great seasons are. i get excited for each of them and love different things about them accordingly; snowflakes, hot chocolate and cosy evenings in winter, swimming in the rhine in summer (& strawberries. never forget the strawberries.), the crunch of fallen leaves and roasted chestnuts in autumn, to name just a few things. and finally spring – what’s not to love about it? especially considering the growing number of fruits and vegetables available. last week, i discovered rhubarb at the supermarket and it made my heart swell. i decided then and there that i would cook something with rhubarb this week, no matter what the theme would be. yeah, lovely choice, hm? while i’m up for a challenge and even found quite a few savory recipes including rhubarb, i changed my mind once more. because apart from rhubarb, another harbinger of spring made an appearance that was just too good to pass up: asparagus!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preseti had bought white asparagus for a catering i did this week for a gallery’s vernissage with a black and white theme. there was still some left, so for this week’s savory theme, i decided to make asparagus tarts. for the base, i made shortcrust pastry, using some of the leftover food coloring for part of the dough. just because it looks pretty rad. plus, it contrasts the white asparagus beautifully. for the filling, i chopped up a bit of garlic and a bunch of spring onions and sautéed them together with the asparagus tips (my crazy younger self never wanted to eat the tips, only the rest of the asparagus. apparently i didn’t like the tips. whaaaaaat?). i then mixed two eggs and about a cup of buttermilk (trust me, it’s a pretty good idea.), plus salt and pepper. after blind baking the tart crust for a few minutes, i sprinkled crumbled feta onto it, added the egg and milk mixture and then spread the sautéed asparagus on top. after half an hour in the oven at 200° the tarts looked ready for us to dig in, so we did. on the rooftop – as one does in spring.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

next week here on famelicose: risotto!


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