week eighteen – savoury à la gioia

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ok. technically it’s not sunday anymore. i know. i’m sorry. i’m 23 now. i truly should be more responsible than this. but i haven’t gone to bed since sunday morning and am writing this post despite it being in the middle of the bloody night, so that should count for something, shouldn’t it?

it has been quite the week. with classes being done now (i still haven’t gotten over how quickly year two of my studies has passed. i’m starting to doubt i ever will) it was all about getting the assignments all ready and submitted. the intermittently nice weather didn’t exactly make that an easy task, the sunshine calling for me to sit in london’s parks with my toes grabbing the garishly green grass and reading a book. or two. or three. i can be prone to procrastination. which is why i made a conscious effort to get all of my stuff done early, allowing me to chill now whilst a lot of my dearest friends (bunch of guys, i’m talking about you) are pulling yet another all-nighter. planning ahead pays off. i had a relaxed week despite the uni stuff going on and even managed to walk from my flat to hyde park and read about three books. ish. and yes, it was also my birthday. which, as it appears to be commonly known, is not my favourite day. and the first 80% of it were pretty darn rubbish. but for the evening my most beloved guys took me out for dinner all in suits and ties and with snazzy shoes and we walked and there were people in shopping carts and a drunk jake and piggybacks and flowers in drinks and closed train stations. so that was good. to round off my birthday weekend i had lunch/breakfast with lizz (i don’t just say that. we actually ate things from both the breakfast and the lunch menu) at bill’s (which everyone living in the uk or anywhere really should check out. try the halloumi burger. or the pancakes. and an elderflower cordial is a must), who got me a beautiful, beautiful cake tin with my bloody name on it! how sweet is that?! so yeah. that was mah birthday. crazy to think it was over a year ago that rahel and i sat in her majesty’s theatre to see the phantom of the opera for the seven-hundredth time. anyway. food.

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i didn’t really have that much culinary motivation this week, but all the spring happening around me inspired me to cook one of my favourite dishes: risotto. risottos are great. they’re super easy to make once you get the hang of it and can be customised in so many ways. this version features green asparagus, garden peas, courgettes and some fresh mint. a feast of greenness. i also added some lemon-zest for extra freshness. spring, i welcome thee.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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