week nineteen – risotto à la gioia

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imagine my elation when i found out that this week’s theme was “risotto” after my, well, risotto for last week. i mean, what are the odds? (i could calculate it rather easily but i’m not in a maths mood). so, it was risotto time again.

but firstly, let me tell you about my super exciting and busy week. maybe not the former, but the latter most certainly so. whenever a new birthday arises (i.e. once a year. (stating the obvious since 1992)) i write a list of things i want to do before my next birthday (an idea i got from rahel about three or four years back). the number of things on it is equal to the number of years i turned old, making this list one with 23 things to get done before i’m 24. somehow the stars were aligned this week (learning about astronomy is one of the points, too) and i somehow managed to tick off four of them (which is almost a sixth of the whole list within less than a week. woop woop)! i now:

went to see a film at the tricycle theatre (surrounded by two dozen retired couples)

learned how to whistle with two fingers (rahel was highly entertained when i demonstrated my newly attained skills during our weekly thursday-evening-skype-date)

attended a mensa event (which was not like i had imagined it to be in the slightest but all the more fun)


donated blood (and only felt dizzy a teeny tiny bit)

in addition to all of those i obviously had to spend time in the sun, spend time with friends, work on uni stuff and readreadread. as i’ve said, busy times, y’all.

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looking back onto the mathematically unlikely choice of “risotto” this week, i was actually rather lucky; still having left-overs from the one i made last week, i decided to make arancini. stuffed and deep-fried risotto balls. what couldn’t be good about those? well, let me tell you one thing: they’re definitely not the most photogenic of dishes (by which i mean, i just can’t take good photos). and deep-frying things, whilst being rather fun to do (how pretty do the basil leaves look?!), left my whole flat smelling of a chips shop for longer than i wished it had. but hey. anything for culinary experimentation.

next week we’re gettin’ cheesy (just like this very line): mac’n’cheese, yo!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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