week twenty – mac’n’cheese à la gioia

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mac. and cheese. we’re talkin’ ’bout mac, and we’re talkin’ ’bout cheese. all about that mac and all about that cheese (that sounded WAY cooler with the hip hop beat i had in my head. just go ahead and imagine your own).
after i felt i had been somewhat unlucky with last weeks choice (risotto twice in a row, yo), i hit the jackpot this week; my brother, who has been visiting since friday and leaving tomorrow (oh pain, oh misery, oh sorrow) specifically requested mac’n’cheese for helping me with my last uni assignment which i handed in early this week (freedom deffo tastes like mac’n’cheese).
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as some of you might know, i quite like my trilogies. i truly do. great things come in trios: the musketeers, salt, pepper and nutmeg (my dear bro’s suggestion), the godfather (of which i have only seen one) and many more things i can’t seem to think of as it is late (on our way home from a great but outrageously loud psychedelic rock gig) and i’m tired from seeing all the sights today. one of the things i like about mac’n’cheese (or “macaroni cheese”, as our dad lovingly calls it) is that after creating the general initial pasta-with-cheese-sauce-base one can add pretty much anything to it to make a great classic all the more exciting. after some serious brainstorming i came to the conclusion of making an original mac’n’cheese with some nice wholegrain mustard and a breadcrumb topping, a caprese version (can you tell how excited i am for italy?!) with tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil and a japanese panko-breadcrumb-twist and last but definitely not least a variation containing peas, ham and a crust consisting of crushed chilli heatwave doritos (i swear i gained at least seven pounds since discovering those at a party some months back (yeah, i’m the girl who eats all the crisps at parties)).
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it’s been a busy week both culinarily (i made a cake that was half lemon and half chocolate for a birthday party of two of my dearest friends) and socially (well, i also actually attended said party. in case that wasn’t clear). and one things just has been reconfirmed: mac’n’cheese, you will always be one of my most beloved comfort foods.
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brother gerbz in da house, yo.

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