week twenty-one – cupcakes à la rahel

sometimes, a little bit of kitsch is not all bad. kittens, flowers and cupcakes – this week sure wasn’t short of kitsch and made the girly part of me very happy. the whole shebang started when my sister and i decided to gift my mother an afternoon of flower bouquet making for mother’s day. a co-worker of mine is a florist (a fabulous one at that) and was nice enough to show us the basics: how to make a bouquet and a small flower arrangement. i love me some flowers and had wanted to learn how to arrange them (not just throwing them all into a vase) for quite some time.

inspired by the floral theme of the afternoon, i whipped up the matching cupcakes. for the base, i opted for earl grey cupcakes, using the recipe from my trusty hummingbird bakery cookbook. that was the easy part. choosing which flowers to use for the frosting however – so hard. in the end, roses, lavender and elderflower won me over, leaving me only with the question of the how. with a simple buttercream frosting as the starting point, i simply added rose water for the rose cupcakes. for the lavender, i added a few dried blossoms to milk, heated the mixture up in a pan and let it simmer for a few minutes. last but not least, i used elderflower cordial, adding a bit to the frosting, but also infusing the cupcake bases with a few drops.

ready for some kitsch, we attacked the blooms and devoured the cupcakes – and had ourselves a truly lovely sunday afternoon.

my lovely sister with her equally lovely bouquet



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