week twenty-three – pie à la gioia

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dear people. i must apologise in advance for basically not having any proper photos of this week’s culinary creation. in addition to that, i didn’t even taste the final product but only sneaked in little tries during the process of making it. i know. absolutely shocking. bet you didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

but let’s talk about mah week first, yo, which is clearly what you are reading this for. i don’t actually know where this week has gone. i truly don’t. it feels like it was monday just yesterday. i know they say time passes more quickly if one is having fun, but it’s not like i spent my week in disneyland. au contraire. one of the highlights most certainly the release of the new “orange is the new black” season on friday. if i hadn’t had chores to take care of, a pie to bake, scheduled a haircut and a party to attend, i would have watched it all in one day. as it was i didn’t finish until saturday. i know. what kind of fan even am i? another (less nerdy) highlight was the gig that i did on wednseday. i “only” sang bvs (backing vocals, in case that wasn’t clear) for a friend of mine’s final showcase for uni and ’twas an absolute blast. living in the 21st century, they had set up a live-stream of the gig, so people all over the globe could watch it as it was happening (which inherently is what a live-stream is, i’m aware), i do however believe that most of the traffic must have come from and gone to switzerland, as not only both of my parent’s and my brother watched it in places all over la belle suisse, no, rahel tuned in, too. woop woop. technology, yo. one of the songs, with james, the lead singer, being from nigeria, was called “oghene dough”, a phrase repeated throughout the song, which, upon learning the song and much to his dismay (oh, the fun we had) we changed to “organic dough”. the perfect segue into

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PIE-TIME! as ever, the options were endless. so so so many scrumptious looking bakes. i was invited to my neighbour naomi’s birthday bash (the aforementioned friday one) and decided to kill two birds with one stone (not literally, fret not) and bake a pie for the party. which is also the reason why i neither have a photo of an actual slice nor had a chance to try the end result. what it was, however, i can tell you nonetheless: a hazelnut-chocolate-mousse pie. the base made of crushed digestive biscuits and roasted hazelnuts (i thought of rahel as i was peeling them, and the nutella she made) would have been suitable for a cheesecake, too, and tasted delicious and cinnamon-y, as i had used some leftover cinnamon sugar i had made to bake some cinnamon cookies for my fellow bandmates on wednseday (they call me “miss truffles”, as i had brought truffles to our very first rehearsal, and expected me to bring something to eat ever since). the filling was a rather simple, yet delicious chocolate mousse (i had a bit of a nosh, of course) and the whole pie was topped with some candied hazelnuts. i shall finish this off with a quote from the birthday girl who did get some of dat pie (not a euphemism, of course): the pie rocks!

next week we’re talking you for a stroll down our very own snukandinski memory lane.

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