week twenty-three – pie à la rahel


why should anyone ever have to decide between crumble and pie? ladies and gents (chm…hello, Mom), that is the fundamental question that led to this week’s choice: a crumble pie! i owe the idea to the ingenious Ashlae of oh,ladycakes (swooooooon!), her recipe for a cherry crumb pie serving as the base for this week’s baking endeavor. although cherry season is almost upon us here in switzerland, i decided to instead use the opportunity to say goodbye to one of my all-time favourites: rhubarb. every year, i somehow forget how short rhubarb season is; it goes by much too quickly, i start buying rhubarb much too late and end up having to cram all the rhubarb-cooking into just a few days. this year has not been any different, so it’s rhubarb for breakfast, lunch and dinner over here.

fortunately for me, my sister started working at a strawberry hut (yes, those at the side of the road, in the form of a huge strawberry. i love it.), where they also sell rhubarb. long story short, she brought me some of the leftover rhubarb and – as one does – i also added some strawberries to the mix.

after folding thin strands of dough for my alphabet pasta (oh, art school…) the entire afternoon, the crumble pie was the perfect reward. still slightly hot from baking, my piece was gone in seconds!



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