week twenty-four – snukandinski memory à la gioia

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i just finished reading rahel’s post and what can i say? i don’t have a lot to add. basically nothing. nada. oh, all those culinary adventures we have been on. instead of telling you about even more things we have eaten and places we’ve eaten them at, i shall give you another little insight: the story of “snukandinski”. not our actual story. just of that term. i grew up in a family of nickname givers; it has gotten to the point where i sometimes doubt my family even know my real name and therefore call me “pschoieli” (which is my insta, btw. shameless self promo) and “zeppolina” and “trulla”, just to name a few. i carried this tradition into the world and have given nicknames to most people i’m close to. rahel has quite a few. at some point way back i started calling her “schnuckiputz”, a sickly sweet german term of endearment, which soon became schnuki, then snuki (not to be confused with “jersey shore” femme fatale snooki), and then snuk (and now PSNUUUUUKI, for whichever reason). when psnuki started calling me “gioinski”, i do not remember. maybe she’ll be able to enlighten me. all i do remember that my first ever boyfriend and i used to call each other bohnski and ärbski. or something along those lines.

for a very short moment in time rahel and i considered starting a youtube channel (doomed to fail before it even started as i believe we are both more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it). so on a particularly slow morning at the office i was working in at the time (shoutout to the nsa (not the secret agency, sadly. imagine how badass i’d be)) i compiled a list of possible names for our youtube channel. one of which was “snukandinski”. and somehow it stuck. so yeah. that’s how rahel and gioia became snukandinski.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

cooking. i have been suuuper busy, with my mum being here and it being my last week (day, in fact) in london before i leave for the summer. the week included a trip to kent, a tom odell gig, a goodbye party for a dear friend of mine and a lot of packing. furthermore, my dearest friend george came over from some farewell food. i decided to make pulled beef sandwiches in my slow cooker in honour of the pulled pork sandwich we ate in porto (after visiting our friend sophia in berlin and eating a pulled pork sandwich there it was all she talked about for weeeeks), despite porto somehow not doing us any good. to accompany the sandwiches (served on hot and crunchy ciabatta bread) i made some maple-coleslaw and homemade horseradish mayo. and tomorrow, i’m back in da switzerlands. woop woop. (sorry, george)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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