week twenty-five – chili à la snukandinski

waaaheeeey, summer is here at last! welcome, welcome, oh hot love of mine. not only summer is here, but i am, too. i being gioia and here being switzerland. so in simple words: gioia is back in switzerland. i have left my british abode for the summer for many adventures that await, a fair amount including rahel. obviously. despite only having been back for less than a week, rahel and i have already seen each other thrice. #truelove amongst other things we went to the beeriland (a field where you bring your own vessels only to be filled with ideally deliciously sweet self-picked berries) and worked our pickings into a rhubarb (the last fresh one from our garden) and strawberry crumble. we also FINALLY went to the pizzeria da gianni, a restaurant my family has been going to for almost two decades (i.e. for longer than my brother has been alive), but yet somehow hadn’t managed to bring rahel along thus far. until last thursday, my brother’s graduation dinner. he also realised that the restaurant’s owner is a perfect look-alike of jay-z’s. i do apologise for telling you this, as i have no photo to show to you, but let me tell you, it provided great entertainment throughout the evening meal.

as we would have spent saturday together anyway, i immediately bought into rahel’s idea of cooking for our friends. after visiting rahel’s vernissage (my little girl is all grown up!) we went back to hers, deposited our dinner guests on the roof terrace and got to work: two chilies and one batch of cornbread was made. we decided on a vegetarian version of the one pot classic with bulgur, peppers and chickpeas and a much spicier “white chili” with delicious beans and chicken. with both of us never having eaten cornbread before, we weren’t entirely sure if the “conbread” (as i accidentally called it and as it was called henceforth (the bread truly was a con-artist, actually being a cake posing as a bread)) actually was anything like it should be, but the fed ones were rather pleased which, ultimately, is all that matters.

my apologies for this text being rather short, but i need to get packing as BITCHES ARE GOING TO COPENHAGEN!!!!! from tuesday until sunday, rahel, another friend of ours and myself will be spending a musical, sunny and superbly danish time at the roskilde festival. the cooking theme for next week? orange!

one last thing! a few photographic gems by our friends:




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