week twenty-eight – soufflé à la snukandisnki

wikipedia says (and since it’s on the internet it must be true) that the word “soufflé” comes from the french word “souffler” (which incidentally is pronounced just like “soufflé”. oh, the french language) and rather liberally translated means “to puff up”. which is what a soufflé should ideally do. ideally.

i haven’t made many soufflés in my life, in fact the one i created for mary berry week was my first ever try. rahel’s puffin’ up baked egg dish experiences weren’t exactly superior to mine, so the decision to cook together this week was perfectly logical; clearly two people who don’t know how to do something will be more successful than just one person attempting to do so. since rahel and i both had been travelling the world (well, mainly europe, really. exclusively europe, actually. whom am i kidding?) yesterday was our first time seeing each other since a sunny monday morning in denmark, still in the dreamy state roskilde had left us. so, as ever when two best friends (after all these years it still makes me happy saying this) haven’t seen each other in a while, there was a lot of catching up to do. like, a loooooot. more than ever, possibly.

as my last soufflé attempts centered a sweet version of the fluffy cake, i felt like branching out into the savoury realms of soufflés and gladly rahel agreed. intense research (i.e. five minutes on pinterest with rahel actually reading and me mainly hungrily looking at the scrumptious looking photos) led to the conclusion that most savoury soufflés contain some kind of vegetable and some kind of cheese (what’s your top 5 of cheeses? : P), so we opted for a version with courgettes and emmental (deffo not in my top 5. sorry, magnus) and another one with canned artichokes and goat’s cheese. it’s surprising how few ingredients go into this tiny dish so many even seasoned chefs shy away from. well. our soufflés. twenty-five minutes of anxious sitting in front of the oven (without daring to open it, of course) later. they definitely did rise (and deflate rather quickly as rahel had to take the photos before we could dig in). which is good, i guess. however, in terms of flavour, neither my beloved head cook nor me were truly enchanted. we ate the eggy air with a light summer salad.

but our evening wasn’t done at that point. ooooh, hell’s no! i truly was in the mood for some soppy film to weep my eyes out. luckily, rahel was feeling that, too. after consulting her extensive dvd collection we faced three absolute drama classics and ended up going for the probably most dramatic and classic of them all: titanic. 3 hours and 14 minutes of our weeping (not strictly true. we only did so in the end. but oh, how we did bawl) only to be interrupted by a short dessert making sesh (almond and vanilla ice cream with fresh berries and hot nectarine slices cooked with maple syrup and mint right off the sprig, for those of you who cared to know). what. a. film. it’s not like this was our first time seeing it. or even our first time seeing it together. we’ve already seen it thrice as an entity and many more times with other people (despite it being watched best with rahel), and every single time we cry and cry and cry and comment on the exact same things (why is kate winslet so beautiful? where are the men like jack dawson? how on earth were they younger than us when the movie was filmed? why does old rose make such a strange noise when she drops the diamond into the ocean? how far apart are kate winslet’s breasts?).

anyway. soufflé. we are back.


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