week twenty-nine – raclette à la gioia

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dear people. believe it or not (even though i could see no reason not to), but i am not in denmark or belgium, still, nor am i back in switzerland or london (i love how the city basically is a country itself); nay, i am in croatia. the country currently being talked about for being the hottest one in europe. so basically i’m in a constant state of half in the pool, half burnt and fully longing for ice cream. 

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today has been a positively exhausting day as for whichever reason my brother, my dad’s girlfriend, and my humble (ridiculously unsporty self) decided to go for a run. at 7:30. in the morning. and we ran up and down and along the beach for a whoopin’ 36 minutes! you’re probably not overly impressed but genuinely, that’s the most i’ve ever walked. anyway. i digress. croatia, the island of brač, to be exact, is lovely thus far. as is our abode here, part of which used to be a restaurant; da summer kitchen is amazeballs. i wish rahel were here for some summery cooking and late night skinny dipping. i truly do. but i guess that’ll have to wait until itallllllyyyyy.

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so. raclette cheese. raclette is hands done one of my favourite dishes ever. so much so, that rahel and i made it part of our ideal dying scenario (yes, yes we do have a plan describing every last detail of how we’d like to die (together, of course)). there also have been plenty of raclettes shared amongst the two of us. whenever i have people visit me in winter they must bring me some raclette cheese so i can eat raclette all by myself with my two-person-raclette-oven-stove-thingy (#singlelife). seeing as i am rather particular about getting actual good raclette cheese i knew i wasn’t presented with too many options of cooking here in croatia (bringing it wouldn’t have worked out as it would have melted with the rest of us and buying it here is probably impossible, considering that i couldn’t even find limes in the local supermarket) so i used the last lunch in basel on monday to cook for the blog and be ahead of schedule (which is funny considering that i’m writing this four minutes before it should go up. yay) just like rahel i wasn’t exactly feeling a hot cheesy meal at 37 degrees celsius (take that, people who thought switzerland was nothing but snowy mountains) so i went for something lighter and another all time favourite of rahel and mine: flammenkuchen. tarte flambée. flame cake (that’s not a thing. i know) oh the memories of our cooking/baking said pizza-ish meal for her host family back when we did our cpe in london, or eating them at our favourite entertainment park in germany called europapark.

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after firing up the oven and throwing in our pizza stone (best. investment. ever) i made the dough required from scratch for the first time, being somewhat worried about the yeast-free recipe i had chosen, but it worked perfectly well. pizza dough would do, too. as for the raclette version, i combined the classic flavours, bacon and onion, with some finely chopped raclette cheese. as a vegetarian version i finely sliced tons of veggies and put those onto the sour cream and crème fraîche mixture with some fresh basil and mint, and some soft goat’s cheese.

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since my brother loves a sweet version of the savoury and i’m the best pschoieli there is, i also made another flammenkuchen with apples, butter, sugar and cinnamon and served that with a bit of vanilla ice cream. oh how i long for ice cream.

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