week twenty-nine – raclette cheese à la rahel

say what? i have to write my own posts again? now that’s okay. gioia being away on holiday without me again? not that fun. but what can you do..

after coming back from england last week, this past week in basel has been interesting. i miss being on the road, miss being around friends every waking (and sleeping) moment, miss discovering new places, eating new food and drinking new drinks (even if they’re sometimes not enjoyable). i miss traveling and most of what comes with it. then again, summer in basel is pretty great as well; swimming in the rhine, trying new flavors at the two best gelaterias in town, having dinner on the rooftop terrace, etcetcetc. who am i kidding, i love it here, too.

to compensate for the lacking swissness of the last few weeks, we have a very swiss theme this week: raclette cheese. fate? i don’t know. what i do know is that i wasn’t going to make raclette in the middle of summer. instead, i opted for grilled cheese sandwiches. now, i hadn’t decided that when i was at the store yesterday, so all i ended up buying was the raclette cheese. (my brain doesn’t work well after working the whole day is all i can say in my defence.) anywho, all you really need for grilled cheese sandwiches is cheese and bread and lucky for me, there was some leftover rye bread waiting for me at home.

rye bread and raclette cheese? works well enough, i thought and rummaged through the fridge to find anything else that might work, too. the search was quite successful, providing me with enough ingredients for TWO grilled cheese variations! the first one included bbq sauce, some thinly sliced bell pepper and cherry tomatoes (which were apparently invented in israel – something i learnt at the expo in milan this week) and – of course – raclette cheese. for the second one, i mixed a bit of mustard and a bit of apple & mango chutney, spread it onto the bread slices and then added (thinly sliced) avocado and the cheese. truth be told, they’re not much of a looker, but they did taste goooooooood.

next week, gioia will still be on vacation 😦 and oh, the theme is condiment.


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