week thirty – condiment à la gioia

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and our last day in croatia has dawned. what a week it’s been; lazin’ about the pool, reading tons, learning new raps with mah broski, and, as ever when i travel (or basically, as ever in my life, really) a looot of eating.
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as i mentioned in the last post, we were lucky enough to have a nice kitchen and a great stone wood fire oven contraption to take full advantage of. imagine my relief when the theme chosen turned out to be “condiment” and not something like “multi-layered cake” or something outrageously complicated. making a good condiment is simple enough and suited our usual holiday dinners anyway. whenever we didn’t go out to eat, our meals consisted of some grilled meat and/or sausages (which contain meat. i’m aware), boiled potatoes, a greek salad, some fresh bread and oven-roasted veggies with a shedload of garlic. and when i say a shedload, i mean a shedload. each time we prepared a normally sized oven dish full of courgettes and peppers and mushrooms and beetroot and butternut squash, my dad had me cut up a whole garlic. no, not a clove. a. whole. garlic. for four people.
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the love of my dad’s life                                                        “market” impressions
considering that we were eating yearly allowances worth of garlic anyway, i chose to garlic a part of this weeks dish, too. might as well. screw you, vampires! when we still were in switzerland two weeks ago my mum made a delicious mojo verde, which i immediately requested the recipe of. the ingredients should be rather easy to find under normal circumstances (i.e. when not being on a tiny island in croatia. finding fresh parsley was an absolute chore and i ended up going to the “market” (about 1.3 tiny stalls) with my dad where i ended up finding some more or less decent herbs): green peppers (which somehow are fascinatingly pale and light in colour in croatia), green chillies, parsley, coriander (uhm, not for me. not that i would’ve found any anyway), an organic lime, garlic (not a whole one. unless you’re into that), olive oil, a pinch of salt and some sugar. usually, one would use a food processor to blend all of the above together into a nice mojo.
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Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
i’m totally digging those overhead shots i get to use my brother for whilst i still can
well, i wasn’t lucky enough to have access to such modern machines, so i had to go old school: manual labour. luckily the kitchen was equipped with a pretty darn sharp knife and a giant chopping board. nonetheless it took me a good half hour of chopping and chopping and chopping (including the walk to the “market” this mojo gave me a full body workout), until i had achieved a consistency that at least resembled that of the mojo my mum had made. (mojo is a great word, btw). anywhoosies. my dad used some of the mixture to marinate the beef he threw onto the grill and we at ate the rest (and there was plenty thereof) to eat with our potatoes and bread and veggies. true holiday bliss.
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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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