week thirty – condiment à la rahel

can you believe it’s august? i can’t cope with how fast time is passing. before i know it, summer is going to be over and i’ll be moving to zurich and starting uni again. not only does august slowly but surely mark the end of summer, it’s also when switzerland celebrates its birthday. although i usually steer clear of most of the celebrations, a few friends and i did make plans to have a proper bbq this year. and by proper, i mean make a fire somewhere out of doors. the plan was existent, we were willing, but things didn’t quite work out; first it was too hot and dry for a couple of days, leading to a general fire-making ban, and then on the day itself it was too gray and rainy to go outside. not letting the circumstances ruin our plans, we redisposed and had ourselves a little indoor picnic instead.

lucky me, for is there a better occasion to make condiments than to complete a spread of salads, grilled goods and the obligatory garlic bread? not in my world, there isn’t. so for this week, i made three different condiments: an arugula mayonnaise, a chile-citrus ketchup and the basil-jalapeño sauce already featured in a post a few weeks ago. the recipe for the latter (superb with grilled chicken or halloumi!) can be found here and the chile-citrus ketchup right here. for the arugula mayonnaise, simply mix very finely chopped arugula with mayonnaise, add a splash of lemon juice and season to taste with salt and pepper. then, assemble every blanket, throw and pillow you have lying around the house, spread them onto the floor, light some candles, surround yourself with friends and the food and enjoy!


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