week thirty-one – green à la gioia

why, hello there. fancy seeing you here. it has been quite the week. again. i naïvely assumed leaving croatia meant i had fled the heat; i couldn’t have been more wrong. basel is hell. not literally, of course. but in terms of temperature. believe me. as a result i ate a lot of ice cream (as if there were any time in which i didn’t), swam in the rhine, spent time in the cool vivarium of our zoo, drawing animals (i cannot draw for shit. honestly. but i greatly enjoy it), and basically tried not to move too much. also, something VEEERY exciting happened this week, something i am more excited about than i should be (shout out to mah homeboys julien and tom who are just as excited as i am): THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF HAS RETURNED. i know. a lot of capitol letters. i’m sorry for yelling. i’m just so fudgin’ excited! ok. yeah. i have calmed down. all hail mary berry. moving swiftly on.

green, oh green. the colour of soft spring leaves just breaking through the last flakes of snow. the colour of the pistachios my grandma used to spend hours peeling for my brother and me to eat in minutes. the colour of the cooling moss in trees’ shades. the colour of the dress i wore when my beloved marion painted me with hands and feet. the colour of a lake when you open your eyes underwater. a great colour, really.

seeing as i made something so green last week, it even had the word in its name (granted said word was in another language) i went for something slightly less green this time ’round: a nice batch of delicious ricotta and herb gnocchi. i LOVE gnocchi. fluffy little balls of potato-y goodness. count. me. in. or pumpkin gnocchi sautéed in sage butter. i mean, who wouldn’t love that? i had, however, never eaten ricotta gnocchi. my brother and i were home alone (insert classic home alone open mouth pose) this week so since i only cooked for the two of us, i wanted the dish to be easy to scale down. the gnocchi proved to be so.

one of the things i love most about coming back to switzerland is the access to our garden’s vast selection of fresh herbs; in preparation of making this dish i hopped into our green retreat and picked fresh basil, rosemary, mint and sage which i added to the ricotta-flour-parmesan mixture. making gnocchi can be a time-consuming task, however, a “put the mixture into a ziplock bag and pipe the gnocchi into the boiling water”-method vastly improved said issue. i cooked down some fresh tomatoes with some finely chopped onion and more basil to top off the little pillows (which my brother approved of, btw. that means something) and grated a tiny bit more of parmiggiano on top. green is served.

next week we are off toooooo iiiiittttaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!


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