week thirty-four – breakfast à la snukandinski

who doesn’t like a good brunch? honestly? i think a lot of people just don’t want to admit to themselves how bloody brilliant not having to get up ridiculously early to eat breakfast foods actually is. one cannot say we got to sleep in, however (especially seeing as we were still at an open air cinema in basel watching ‘interstellar’ shortly before midnight). no, we had to get up with all dem birds. ish. or at least that’s what it felt like. there was a looot to do. as soon as i heard that “breakfast” was this week’s theme, i knew i had to go big (or go home, psnuk): a big brunch should be held. seeing as i am returning to london in less than a week (already? fo’ realz?), the only sensible thing to do was to ask my favourite kitchen partner to host that insane brunch with me. of course rahel was in immediately. yaysies.

so. we got up at half eight and sleepily made our way into the kitchen. throwing on our road trip play list immediately brought life into our tired bodies and energetically we got to work. amongst brunch classics such as juices. meats, cheese and the like, our buffet consisted of a couple more things we had collected and discussed. we started off by preparing a regular yeast dough for bagels (the “bread”-episode of gbbo made us want to bake bagels asap) and another very buttery one for blueberry brioche snail buns. yay. after the doughs were happily proving away in the early morning(ish) sunlight, we moved on to making delicious s’mores puff pastry nutella pop tarts. quite a mouthful, i know. literally. little granola cups with yogurt and fresh berries (according to my broski the brunch’s highlight) replaced regular musli. 

so. bagels. the plan had been to make mini-bagels. so we halved the dough (usually rendering a dozen regular sized bagels) and decided to make a dozen nonetheless. however, they didn’t rise nearly as much as we had expected, so we just pretended they were an italian version of bagels called “guazzelli” (the name of a restaurant we had driven past during our road trip) and my brother, my mum, and colin, a friend of my brother’s (who is too adorable for me to cope) all believed us. so we must’ve been convincing. but they most certainly tasted like fresh fluffy bagels.

to add to the more savoury flavours, we made fried bacon in pancake batter and little potato-rösti-cheddar-pea-onion-egg cups, which i personally thought were delish.

about four hours after we began cooking and baking, the brunch was served, and lord did we eat a lot. we continued eating what remained during the whole afternoon, when we played card and board games underneath the ironwood tree in our garden, and also still in the evening when our dearest friend louanne came over to play rummikub (yas) and watched ‘austin to boston’ (YAAAAAS), as result of which there is basically nothing left of what we should would provide leftovers for days (in fact, liam is digging into another s’more pop tart as we speak). 

i think it’s safe to say this weeks kitchen endeavours should make up for the lack of proper culinary creations in the past couple of weeks.

next week, we’ll be herbin’: rosemary, yo!


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