week thirty-five – rosemary à la rahel

oh, where to start? the last week, heck even the last couple of hours have been insane. and i probably don’t even remember half of it right now. the week started with my the last day at work on monday, remedied only by the pamper afternoon at gioia’s on tuesday. then there was a trip to zurich (to my new apartment!) with my future roommates; we spent the first night in our new home and then woke up ready for some cleaning. but first, we drank champagne with breakfast. a dentist’s appointment in the afternoon meant i had to leave the two lovely ladies and our kitchen and head back – not fun. thursday was spent crossing things off my to do list, and of course some gbbo watching with my dearest gioia (while not eating ben&jerry’s cinnamon bun ice cream (because who would do that anyway? not us, that’s for sure.)). on friday my sister and i drove to lucerne to pick up some things for her new room in ikea, then back to basel to meet up with a friend for dinner, which, apparently, was also the perfect time to finally decide on what tattoo i want. and now i’m sitting here with a big grin on my face, looking at my freshly inked skin. however, it’s not all sunshine and daisies (when is it ever?). because, lastly, and most importantly, gioia left. she’s gone, back in london, not here anymore. which means crisis time. which means tea (because tea makes everything better, is what they say). and well, what better thing is there to have with tea than cookies? shortbread cookies, to be exact. this week seemed perfect to make the crumbly goodies.

as for flavor, of course rosemary was a given. and where there’s rosemary, for me there’s also honey. i blame the many, many market excursions in the south of france, where my grandfather lives, for that (nothing can beat lavender honey, though). add the tartness of fresh lemon zest to that and it’s a perfect, bittersweet goodbye to summer. i followed jamie oliver’s recipe for scottish shortbread, but decided to mix the softened butter with the sugar and my additional ingredients (honey, lemon zest and rosemary chopped into the most minute pieces possible), adding the flour last. scared of a rosemary overkill, i kept the added amount relatively small, which left the shortbread with only the slightest (but still recognisable) hint at rosemary – my small ode to summer.


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