week thirty-five – rosemary à la gioia

and so one period ends and another begins. and no, i ain’t talkin’ about menstrual cycles. i’m talking about being back in london. it’s very odd to be back. surreal, in a way. but i am back. and there was a lot to get done; clean, buy groceries, read all the lovely postcards i had received over the summer, hug every single thing in my flat and so forth. the last week was a busy one and made the time until my departure fly by even more quickly (read newly-inked rahel’s post from some deets on what we’ve been up to). but on sunday morning (at 5:15 in the a.m., to be exact) i had to leave my mum’s house and fly to london city airport in a teeny-tiny plane, only to be picked up by my beloved calvin and elena, who took me out for breakfast where i had my first baked beans in MONTHS. then, today, george came over for some much needed tea and catching up.

today was also the day where i finally got around to cooking. i had to go buy food anyway and as i was doing so, inspiration struck: i would make a caramelised onion and rosemary chutney. to be served with another go at guazzelli (i.e. bagels) and some nice and fresh brie. and that’s exactly what i did, burning my mouth on the chutney multiple times in the process of doing so. well. anyway. it’s late and i’m tired and i should stop rambling. i’m back. and i have left.


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