week thirty-six – cocktail à la gioia

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oh yeah, i have properly returned to london. i mean, physically i already had last week, but it took some time for my mind to follow. it has been a busy week (i wonder whether i’ll ever not use that phrase in the introduction of a blogpost) full of boring adult admin stuff and more exciting “finally seeing people again and hugging them and telling them about your summer and having tell them about yours”-scenarios. loads. i also made use of my week off to restock my fridge and freezer, including last week’s bagels and chutney who have been complemented by cookie dough balls, ready to be thrown into the oven, jam, shepherd’s pie in portion, my favourite granola, also featured on the blog, and so forth. basically cooking for those times in the months to come, when i don’t feel like cooking but don’t want to leave the house to buy something or eat some ready made meal rubbish. so yeah. it’s been a week of reading and socialising and cooking and a mensa meeting and watching “skins” and going on a date (why do i keep trying?) and freezing in the london winds. 

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moving on to cooking. well, i’m not entirely sure that what i created for the blog this week classifies as “cooking”. “mixing”, maybe? “just putting different things into another thing”? “improvising”? either way, i am certain rahel must have been thrilled when she heard this week’s theme, for if there is one thing that lady hates, it’s having to take photos of drinks. and i can see why. they’re just so bloody awkward to photograph. but i tried. i even took my little cocktail outside, for a cheeky openair photoshoot sesh. (enjoy the view from my balcony, will ya?) well, i say cocktail, but what i really made was a mocktail. (autocorrect turned the m into a c. jeez, even my laptop wants me to get drunk) those of you who know me will know that i don’t drink. i mean, i do drink. just no alcohol. unless one counts half a kopparberg every four months as drinking. which i don’t. i let my shopping trip inspire me and ended up creating something almost mojito-y (the only reason for that being that i put some mint in it), which i now call a giojito. obviously. the mint was intended to freshen up a mixture of pomegranate and blueberry juice, some elderflower cordial (no drinks without elderflower, yo), a dash of lime juice and frozen blueberries. the final drink was surprisingly tasty and despite cocktail weather (which for me is about ten degrees celsius warmer than it currently is here) not really happening here at the moment, i finished the whole glass as a rather unusual addition to my shepherd’s pie. 

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next week (i.e. tomorrow) uni starts again and seeing as it’s rahel’s first day at hers, i truly hope her liquid courage worked. my thoughts shall be with you. as if they ever weren’t.

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