week thirty-six – cocktail à la rahel

alright peeps, it’s time for some cocktail action on this ol’ blog! since this week was my last week before uni starts (eeek) and therefore also my last full week in basel, there were a gazillion things i had to do – seeing friends for the “last” time before i leave, finish the silkscreen project i started when still at school, another trip to ikea…the list goes on. needless to say, cocktail mixing was not at the top of that list.

however, i am not one to miss the chance to drink a cocktail. even if that cocktail has to be made on a sunday, between returning from a quick getaway in the black forest and repacking my bags for zurich. while last week’s post was dedicated to summer, this time i was inspired by the beautiful view i woke up to just this morning – the fog slowly withdrawing through the trees to let the sun through – and decided to make an autumnal cocktail to welcome the best of seasons.

improvising with what was available at home, i used bourbon for the base of my mix, added a splash of apple juice and then another splash of an apple-cinnamon-syrup. to contrast the spicy sweetness, i used some cranberry sugar to decorate the rim of the glasses and give it a slightly sour taste. the result was delish and as no ice is needed, makes for the perfect cocktail for those crisp autumn and winter evenings we’re all looking forward to (you are too, right?).


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