week thirty-seven – brioche à la gioia

my whole body is aching. literally my whole body. and i do not use the l-word lightly, believe me. i have gone back to the gym this week. oh yes, i have. after a week and a half of being back, and therefore in walking distance to da gym, i could no longer put off going. so i went. on thursday. and worked out. one of the trainers was “kind” enough (and i use quotation marks here because there is nothing kind about having someone do tons of physically exhausting exercises) to give me a little ab workout. thanks, terry. thank you so so much. you were the reason i still wince whenever i laugh or cough or just remotely move. at all. as if i weren’t in enough pain, i also decided to go BACK to the gym today (someone is motivated) and attended a one hour boot camp type class. i mean, i didn’t faint. and fritz, the personal trainer, actually said i did a great job. multiple times. and why would he ever lie to me (maybe because he’s getting paid for it?) moving on.

this week was freshers’ week at my uni, and despite not being a fresher in the slightest (only one year to go? heeeelp), i enjoy attending freshers’ events to meet new people and re-meet old people and just have a good ol’ blast. at one of the events i even bumped into a youtuber i’m subscribed to and (almost) totally kept my cool when i went up to him and talked to him. twice. in general, it has been a surprisingly eventful half-fortnight. (what a pointless way of saying “week”)

talkin’ food now. i don’t know about you, dear reader, but i LOVE cooking books. i do. i must own dozens. looking at and through a newly acquired one brings me more joy than it should. and do you know the moment when you spot that one photo that just looks oh-so-scrumptious and makes you want to recreate the recipe yesterday, if possible? i felt like that when i first laid eyes on this apple brioche in paul hollywood’s “how to bake”; delicious fluffy brioche topped with a creamy crème pâtissière, tart apples and roasted almond flakes. 

fall isn’t just peeking around the corner, nay, it’s sprinting towards us at full speed. the days are getting shorter and leaving the house without some variety of coat or jacket is definitely nothing but a bad idea at this point, when just a couple of weeks ago it was merely a mad idea. i can’t say i mind. i’ve had discussions about seasons with many people before, especially now that yet again we are in the midst of yet another seasonal transition; many people’s ideal living place appears to be someplace eternal summer and sunshine reign. not for me. i love the seasons, and whilst i may not love them all equally, i still couldn’t do with having to give up any of them. even less when replaced by constant sunburns and sweatiness. 

despite apples being available all year ‘round, they are a very autumnal fruit in my books, and the cinnamon whipped cream and a nice cup of my new favourite tea (green chai, for those of you who wondered) completed the perfect early autumn treat.

fall, i am falling for you. haha.


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