week thirty-seven – brioche à la rahel



is it autumn, or is it autumn? yesterday evening, while i was walking to my dad’s apartment, i could smell autumn in the air. i don’t know what it was – the crispness of colder temperatures or the leaves that have already fallen and are now slowly decaying beneath our feet or maybe the wind that brings fresher air with it – all i know is that i couldn’t be happier about it.

happy or not, autumn is not this week’s theme – at least not explicitly. so, back to brioche. believe it or not, i had never made brioche prior to this week. in fact, the first time i even came to know how brioche dough is prepared was at the brunch gioia and i hosted a few weeks ago. thinking of those lovely fluffy blueberry rolls again (and the fact that i have another brunch to attend today), i decided i wanted to have another go at making brioche rolls.

for this week’s version, i used pureed chestnut (everyone who knows me at least a little bit knows i’m obsessed with chestnuts; pureed, caramelized, roasted…i adore them. thankfully, i have friends who share that obsession (gäu, louanne?!)), chopped pecan nuts and cranberry sugar (something i’d leave out the next time…baking is experimenting, right?) for the filling. as for the brioche recipe, i put my trust into annemarie wildeisen’s version, switzerland’s (slightly tamer) martha stewart. although the dough lost a bit of its fluffiness in the process of rolling out and folding in the filling, the rolls – baked individually in a muffin tin – still turned out beautifully soft.

now then, i’m off to another book club meeting, where we shall be discussing ian mcewan’s ‘the children act’ and munching on lots and lots of brunch goodies.


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