week thirty-eight – courgettes à la gioia

firstly and foremostly, i must give a massive shoutout to our dearest friend louanne, who has been mentioned on this blog quite a few times before. we engaged in a spontaneous skype session on thursday evening (mah fav), when i tried to tell her something about my last week, only for her to respond that she had already read that on the blog. as it turns out, louanne (or louannettli, as i tend to call her) has been reading our blog every single week! if that ain’t dedication, i don’t know what is! so, dearest lou (huh?), i dedicate this post to you.

uni has started again. properly. with classes and all. i don’t really mind. it’s lovely to see my dearest fellow students again, and between thoughts of “i’ll never be able to get all those uni assignments done in time” (basically what i have been thinking each year since i started uni) and “ohmygodthisismylastyearwhatonearthamidoingwithmylife?!”, i am actually having a good time. last week’s highlights included an open mic night on sunday, where i performed an, uhm, interesting and rather improvised version of “feeling good” with people i had just met a couple of hours prior, a masterclass held by amy winehouse’s old band, and an evening spent with my main boys calvin and sam going to da movies and dancing as if there were no tomorrow on an empty pub dance floor.

to say that i like potentially slightly unusual kitchen appliances and equipment would be quite the understatement. i love them. i do. my collection includes things such as an ice cream cone waffle iron (what a mouthful (the term. not the waffles)) to create deliciously crispy waffles with my home made ice cream (making one’s own ice cream clearly is a sign for having one’s life on track. especially when said ice cream is eaten for breakfast. which i totally haven’t done twice this week already), a wire construction allowing the even dividing of cakes meant to be layered, a slow cooker (potentially not odd, but definitely unusual for a one person household), a pastry cutter, a piping bag with tips specifically created to pipe differently shaped leaves and petals, a pizza stone and so forth. ok, many of these might not be overly unusual to people who like to cook, but a lot of my friends who come to my flat for the first time are fascinated by the things there are to discover in my kitchen. a rather recent addition to my collection was a birthday gift of my mum’s: a spiraliser. ooooh yes. one of dem snazzy machines that turns veggies into pasta-like long spirals. hence the name “spiraliser”. super smart. i know. courgettes are basically predestined to be spiralised. so that’s what i did. to make spaghetti like shapes, i chose the plate with the thinnest gaps and spiralised the heck out of a beautifully green courgette. (yes, it’s important to mention its colour, seeing as courgettes, like oh so many things, come in different shapes and sizes and colours, too) i tossed the finished courgetti (haha) in pan roasted tomatoes and tomato sauce and added some freshly chopped feta and basil. a light meal to balance yet another ice cream breakfast.



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