week thirty-eight – zucchini à la rahel

happy chestnut day everyone! what, you’ve never heard of chestnut day? me neither, until exactly one week ago that is, when my friend louanne told me that her friend lukas had had the brilliant idea to initiate chestnut day. being the chestnut lover that i am, i was thrilled to hear about it and of course i was also immediately on board when a dinner was suggested. but i’m getting ahead of myself here…besides being chestnut day, it was also zucchini week…

you know those recipes that are just so good and oh so simple that they have to be remade and remade again and again? well,  donna hay’s pumpkin and feta bread is one of those. i’ve made it time and again, changing this or that, but keeping the base the same. originally made with pumpkin, i decided zucchini would be just as good and replaced half of the amount needed.

 the result was a delicious moist bread, which i enjoyed as part of yet another brunch, this time with my mom and sister.

as for the chestnut-related yummies, we ended up making chestnut ravioli with a cranberry-walnut pesto and port wine-butter sauce, followed by chestnut brownies and honey ice cream for dessert. mmmmmmmmh!


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