week forty – choux à la gioia

and thus another week has passed, bringing us closer and closer to the end of the year (yes, i’m already dreading that. i like to exercise pessimism as a preventive measure and in advance). it’s been a good week, though. a good 1/52 of the year 2015. i didn’t have much time to long to go back to paris (although i still constantly did, if only subconsciously so), seeing as my dearest broski liam and his and also my friend colin arrived tuesday afternoon to be spending a few lovely days at mine. we spent time at the bunch of guys’, i infiltrated colin into one of my classes with mah new fav teacher ever (nate 4 lyf), went to borough food market, went to franco manca, went to the turkish place right next to my flat, basically went everywhere one can eat good food, cooked food (the boys requested some mac’n’cheese, something i always cook when my brother’s here), strolled along the thames, watched the 1978, uhm, “classic” “attack of the killer tomatoes”, the finale of gbbo (did i tear up? yes. of course i did. go nadiya) and an episode of “x-factor: das unfassbare” (“beyond belief: fact or fiction for you english speakers), a show my brother and i would get up at the crack of dawn on sundays for, only to be freaked out by the outrageously creepy stories jonathan frakes would tell, accompanied by the most haunting theme music ever. the highlight of my week, however, except for the guys’ visit, that is, was definitely the rhodes gig i went to on friday. because i’m a lonely and desperate person, i always buy two tickets when i spot an upcoming gig of someone i’d like to go and see. rhodes, who provided a large part of this summer’s soundtrack (and wrote “let it all go”, which, in case you don’t remember, was rahel and my jam during our road trip), most certainly had to be seen by me. so in old tradition, i got two tickets. once it transpired that the boys would come visit right at the time of the gig, i purchased an additional entry and dragged a somewhat keen colin and a not so keen liam to koko on friday evening. and oh, it couldn’t have been any more beautiful (except if rahel had been there. but that’ll happen anyway): i cried and sang along and cried more and cried with rahel over facetime , who obviously called exactly when he sang our song and yeah. what a voice. what lyrics. what an atmosphere (i’m only a tiny bit enamored, can you tell?). in addition to rhodes being one of my go-to-always-gets-me-going-musically-artist, koko is such a fantastic venue for gigs. i’m not one to get super starstruck (just a tad), but when he came out front after the gig, i just HAD to ask liam to take a photo. he only took this one, and yes, both good ol’ david and i look positively drunk on this photo preceded by a conversation that went something like this: rhodes: “wow, it’s hot out here! was it this hot in there too?” me, trying very hard not to faint or propose on the spot: “it was. i was sweating and crying simultaneously” rhodes signs the three tickets i placed in front of him. me: “would you mind my brother taking a photo of us? he’s standing over there.” rhodes: “sure. oh, he’s standing right next to my dad.” me, waving: “hi dad”. the end. also, an honorary mention to the guy standing behind us. dat facial expression, tho.

being as foresightful as i am, i knew i probably wouldn’t really want to cram in the baking later this week. and i was right. i spent all day yesterday, after the boys had departed in the middle of the night, cleaning and tidying and doing laundry. so i’m glad past me was smart enough to already make the profiteroles on tuesday. yay. i must’ve still been preoccupied with paris, or too excited about the guys’ arrival, but the choux and i wouldn’t really happen at first. my first batch was way too small (not the batch itself, but the individual balls), which has more to do with the piping than it does with the dough. nevertheless, i made a second, bigger batch. i’ve only made choux pastry once before, literally over half a decade ago, so it’s safe to say that i’m not overly experienced in doing so. i don’t know where i did anything wrong this time, but the final profiteroles weren’t nearly as round as the commercial ones but a bit flatter.

either way, filled with a classic crème pâtissière and glazed with a bit of nutella (both due to laziness and the fact that nutella is the gods’ nectar), they were a delicious treat. definitely one to revisit, though.

to summarise this week: rhodes, i love choux.


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