week forty – choux à la rahel

the past few weeks have been a whirlwind – the excitement of starting something new, the stress that comes with starting something new, the joy of discovering the unknown and the adventures that come with it, new people to get to know, a new city to explore, living out of suitcases, not knowing which place to call home or how to actually refer to several different homes, the anticipation of what it will be like to just have one “home” again…there’s been a lot going on and my brain is lagging behind, trying to catch up with all the things happening. right now, sitting on my bed in my room – except that it isn’t really my room anymore, it’s processing. my things are packed into boxes, ready for their new home (moving in two weeks – eek!), even my beloved cookbooks have found their way into their very own cardboard box..

one of the few things that hasn’t made it into a box is my birthday list. gioia mentioned that we got to cross off one of the points on our lists last week, after spending a wonderful weekend in lovely paris. this week, i get to cross off one more; last year when i was writing the list, one of the things i wanted to make myself do was to attempt some new things cookery-wise. and voilà, making choux pastry definitely qualifies as that! choux pastry is something i had always been a bit scared to try. turns out it’s really quite easy – and fun.

when it came to thinking about what to make for this week’s theme, my first idea was to make gougères, the french savory profiteroles i had read about somewhere. however, after watching the final of this year’s ‘great british bake off’, i took inspiration from tamal (just as much a winner as nadiya, in my eyes (although nadiya totally deserved first place…we all teared up, right?)) and pretty much copied his recipe for cinnamon and apple iced buns, simply making profiteroles instead of buns. after the jam-packed last few weeks, a little bit of comfort in my (still) home was just what i needed. and what’s more comforting than the smell of apples and cinnamon?

next week, we’re continuing with even more comfort, we’re making the most comforting of foods – soup!


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