week forty-one – soup à la gioia

a little look into my diary caused the shocking revelation that we’re ALREADY HALFWAY THROUGH OCTOBER!!! how that could possibly have happened, you ask? i have no bloody clue. none whatsoever. it feels like i’ve only just been born! (slight dramatisation there) another fully packed week has passed: a birthday on monday, recording some backing vocals on tuesday, the first ever sprogerbzday outing on wednesday, attending a weird gig of a band aptly called “weird”, meeting up with a friend i haven’t seen in ages on thursday, uni on friday, a house party yesterday and a beautiful day spent mainly in my pjs (in fact i am in my pj on the overground as i type this. no fucks were given today. not even one) watching harry potter at lizz’ and eating the remnants of yesterday’s soup.

i love soups. hot soups and cold soups, hearty soups and light soups, soups with bits and pieces in them and creamy soups; all the soups, really. i also love fall, as i have mentioned many times and i shall spare yet another description of how beautifully slowly the fog creeps over the land and how the late afternoon sun turns everything into liquid gold. one of the reasons for my loving this season (da rhyme) are pumpkins. and squashes. which in german are all the same. either way, they’re both delicious. when i used to be a young child, my mum would sometimes make pumpkin soup and serve it in a hollowed out pumpkin (for all i know, it might only have happened once. either way. amazing memory). how awesome is that?! i thought it was pretty darn awesome. and still do. so i decided to replicate on of my most precious childhood soup-related memories (yes, there are more). i mixed pumpkin and butternut squash and added red thai curry paste, fresh ginger and coconut milk for some spice and exoticness.

being known for always bringing food to parties, i had a lil’ pull apart pizza bread in the oven, and from what dough i had left i formed a few buns which went famously with the soup (which, boringly, i ate out of a bowl/plate and not the pumpkin. lame. i know. i have let you down, past gioia). other than spending ages trying to carve out the pumpkin as efficiently as possible, without damaging its outer shell, to prevent potential soup leakages, i also decided to roast pumpkin seeds for the first time ever. which is quite easy, really. i seasoned mine with honey and salt and tons of spices and topped off both the soup and the pizza buns for the ultimate pumpkin experience.
next week, we see red. 


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