week forty-one – soup à la rahel

soup is the best. basically, that’s all there is to say. but, seeing as this is a blog, i feel the need to add just a little bit more…

last week, temperatures in switzerland sank (it even snowed in some places!). although the trees were (and are) still clinging onto the red, orange and yellow leaves, it almost felt like winter here and there. that, plus long hours at uni, which left me riding home in the dark, made me long for something as comforting as soup. perfect timing, so to speak.

and this time, it was my mom who found the ideal recipe: a butternut squash and pear soup. now doesn’t that sound like the best combo ever? it did in my opinion, so i opted to try it. turns out, something about combining butternut squash and pears makes my tastebuds think of mushrooms – not my favorite. however, take away the often squishy texture of the cooked mushrooms and it really isn’t all that bad!

instead of the traditional croutons, i made a crumble out of oats and pecan nuts to accompany my soup; spiced with a bit of cinnamon, it added a nice, flavorful crunch.


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