week forty-two – red à la gioia

red. the colour of passion. and anger. and love. my favourite cape. and the blood of angry men. and of a world about to dawn. (i’m not even sorry. i had to)

i’ve not had the busiest of weeks for once, mainly due to the fact that i spent a solid 72.1% of it in my bed with a fever/a cough/an inability to breathe/the strange sensation of hearing my own heartbeat in my right ear (as of this morning. the first couple of minutes i groggily spent being annoyed at that pulsating noise that sounded like someone hitting tin cans in a massive cathedral until i realised it adjusted to my breathing and therefore my heartbeat. #genius). my unwanted break gave me plenty of time to sleep and rest and read more harry potter (what else could anyone ever read whilst lying in bed sick?) and even more time to feel sorry for myself because no one made me tea and tucked me in and stroked my hair saying everything would be fine. and then the battery of my fever thermometer run out so i couldn’t even measure my temperature every half hour, which is usually my favourite part of being ill! i’m weird. i know. and i’m done whining now, i promise.
this week, the options being endless as ever, i felt utterly uninspired. however, what i would end up making needed to tick some boxes which included:
  1. not be too complicated and time consuming (because i was sick)
  2. not require any ingredients i didn’t already have at home (because i was sick)
  3. be nice and filling and comforting (because i was sick. and hungry)
  4. be red (because that’s a sick colour)
i met a chef who used to cook for jamie oliver (big shoutout to australia and oi) so i grabbed all of my jamie oliver books (too many of ‘em) and just flicked through the pages without reading any of the menu titles, simply in search of something red. anything. and then, suddenly: EUREKA! spaghetti and meatballs in tomato sauce. brilliant. simple, comforting, definitely red, and actually something i had never eaten before. alas, i didn’t end up choosing a recipe of jamie’s (even though there legit was a different one in each of the books i own) for their lack of proper redness, however, i shall forever be indebted to him for providing the idea. in sheer insanely brilliant foresight, past gioia had purchased and frozen a pound of ground beef mince, so i didn’t even have to leave my ever so comfortable pjs to buy what i needed. i decided to bake the meatballs, consisting of ground beef, breadcrumbs soaked in milk, minced garlic, chopped parsley, freshly grated parmesan and some spices, in the oven, having seen so in this video which ultimately served as the general base of my recipe. i was starving by the time i was done and this all american (and all over the world ) classic honestly is such a great comfort food, and most certainly will contribute to a speedy recovery. also, considering how much i made, i won’t have to cook anytime soon. so that’s a plus.
good luck moving tomorrow, psnuk. i miss you.


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