week forty-two – red à la rahel

red. the color of love and autumn leaves, prohibition signs and poisoned apples. oh and – how could i ever forget – of course gryffindor! with only ten weeks to go (are you as shocked as i am?) this year, the end of yet another project is in sight…i better stop before i get too emotional (there’ll be enough time for that in a few weeks).

another crazy week has gone by, me wishing it could magically be friday on monday already. of course, it doesn’t work that way, but after several hours spent in front of the computer drawing paths and moving around anchor points, the weekend drew ever closer. and with it, two things i’ve been looking forward to for a long time: the start of the autumn fair in basel (one of the reasons autumn and basel are two of the best things ever) and moving day. as of tomorrow, i’ll officially be living in zurich.

me living in zurich, now that’s something i still have to wrap my head around. however, this isn’t my diary, it’s a food blog (something i can’t quite wrap my head around, either, but that’s another story). so, food. and the color red. have i mentioned my love for beetroot before? …i think i have, so i’ll spare you the gushing praise and get right to the beets, introducing you to my beetroot, sweet potato and feta galette. spontaneous (when i realized finding psyllium in basel isn’t as easy as i’d initially thought) and improvised, it turned out better than i had hoped and made for the ideal dinner for sophia and myself.


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