week forty-three – beer à la rahel

the title of this post could just as well be harry potter à la rahel, but then this ol’ blog is almost turning into a harry potter fan site anyway (can you blame us, though?). as mentioned, gioia and i have both been reading THE books again. and just like the first and second and third (and some more) time before this, it’s absolutely magical, there’s just no other word for it. i’ve just finished reading ‘harry potter and the philosopher’s stone’ (or ‘…and the sorcerer’s stone’ for me, because i own the american version) and my mind has been spinning with plot details and questions – pure magic. as it happens, this week also marks a pretty magical holiday: halloween!

after spreading the harry potter love at uni (aka getting everyone to find out which house they’re in (the group of hufflepuffs surrounding me is growing!)), a few friends and i decided to have a harry potter slash halloween night on thursday evening (we contemplated calling it harryween, but that just didn’t work out). as we dove into the preparations, deciding who would make what, it was clear that there had to be butterbeer. so when i picked the snippet with beer on it last sunday, i couldn’t have been happier.

after some research, i decided to try this recipe, only tweaking it slightly to make it vegan by using soy cream for the syrup and omitting the butter (because that’s what (hufflepuff) friends do, non?). it turned out sweet and a little bit fuzzy and comfortingly warm (and much much better than the version gioia and i tried upon visiting the warner bros. studio tour in london) and just the thing to enjoy while watching harry, ron and hermione experience their first year at hogwarts. there were also spider cookies, witches’ fingers, bloody bones made out pizza dough and tomato sauce and even wands. and bertie bott’s every flavour beans, which i will no into further at this point.

there was also this:


and with that, i leave you; the chamber of secrets awaits!


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