week forty-four – upside-down cake à la gioia

Photo 08-11-2015, 14 23 15

lordy, oh lord, i am tired. knackered. exhausted. it starts getting dark around five p.m. (obvs) and it just drains the life out of me. that being said, it has been a good few days. my weekend up north was insane (rahel, skip this part, you’ll already know it all). i drove past the bakery harry styles used to work in, met a british tv teen star, saw a band whose lead singer looked like a lost weasley brother, had people sitting next to me on a bed snorting cocaine off an iPhone (the people. not me), unzipped my face with liquid latex and fake blood as a halloween costume, met dear calvin’s lovely family and but for the lack of sleep had a good ol’ time.

after three days of uni, my dearest friend julien (currently sitting next to me and editing a photo of his own face. pfft) arrived on thursday evening for a couple of joy- and gioia-filled days. most of what we ended up doing was related to food in one way or another, including the eleven scoops of ice cream he has eaten since his arrival three evenings ago, a visit to borough food market, some stippvisiten to gaill’s, the hummingbird bakery and five guys, a movie marathon at the cinema (where we saw “brooklyn” (yaaaas) and “spectre”) with more snacks than we could handle and finally, today, actually cooking together. well, baking.


julien is a great chef, but in all the years of our friendship we’ve never actually managed to find ourselves preparing food together, so i ended up putting doing so onto my birthday list. the one i have mentioned oh so many times. upside-down cakes didn’t leave that much room for interpretation, but we needed none and almost immediately (during the bus journey from picking him up from victoria) decided on making a tarte tatin. a classic i had never attempted before and julien claimed he had yet to master. after some days of walking down the street, carrying groceries and moaning, throwing nuts around in parks, trying to find out what the most insane laughs were we could come up with, singing, singing and singing, and all those fun things, we took sunday morning (well, it was afternoon, really, but getting back from the movies at 4 in the morning the day before kind of threw our sleeping rhythm off) to make the tarte as best as we could. the french response to apple pies was much less of a hassle to put together than i had initially assumed. the turning out, though. like, fo’ realz. i shall insert a photo of how ridiculously difficult we made it to actually get the sodding cake out of its teflon prison. to turn the upside-down cake downside up.

Photo 08-11-2015, 14 22 59

despite it containing of only a few ingredients and there not being that many steps in total, there there appears to be a whole science to making this cake, and i’m not sure we’ve mastered it entirely as of yet, seeing as we wanted a tad more caramellisation, but hey, we’re all just learning and here’s to hoping he’ll return to give it another go soon.

below two lovely shots julien took and two i made, one of him pushing down dat pastry in his pants. yas.



Processed with VSCOcam with b3 preset


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