week forty-four – upside-down cake à la rahel

mountains do something for your soul that nothing else can. actually, mountains and good friends and autumn sunshine and pretty night skies, now that’s just pure bliss for the soul. i could not have asked for a better getaway after a very exciting, but busy week. being something we have been saying we’ll do for the last two years, finally getting to see our friend tanika’s parents’ house in graubünden and spend two marvelous days there was perfect (except for the small, but very significant fact that gioia wasn’t there).

after a late arrival on friday evening, still very full from the pizze we had devoured at a dinner with tanika’s cousins, we slept in on saturday and then slowly made our way to st. moritz. almost as soon as we had all piled into the car, i was already requesting the first stop to take photos. the chauffeuse kindly obliged, leaving louanne and me scrambling out of the car and into the wild to get the best shot. the landscape didn’t get any less spectacular as we drove on over the julierpass, but unfortunately stopping every few hundred meters wouldn’t have gotten us anywhere close to our destination. once in st. moritz, we wandered around the (very empty) city, but ended up at the lake again. having had our share of switzerland’s beauty, we returned to the house with a bag full of food and wine and settled in for a night with ryan, seth, sandy and the rest of the crew… sh-sh-shakin’, sh-shakin’… the second day in the mountains was equally perfect, including another walk to a (slightly) smaller lake, where we had ourselves a picnic, accompanied by quite a few laughs.

and where’s the cake, you ask? well, here it is! albeit the result of a very improvised (no kitchen scales? oh well…) late night baking session, i’m quite happy with this persimmon and maple version of the classic upside-down cake. the conclusion? i love maple and i love persimmons and i love my friends and i love the mountains.


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