week forty-five – granola à la gioia

it’s strange how one’s individual sadness can be overshadowed by the sadness in the world. sadness, of course, just like joy, is an omniscient emotion amongst humankind, however, times and horrible events like these tend to bring it out and also bring people together and make us all more aware of the fact that there still are a lot of things going awfully wrong on this planet we call our home. whilst i am neither a political activist nor an idealist in the slightest, i do very much hope that all of us feeling for everyone affected by friday’s events, do realise that sadly things like this are happening every single day, maybe on smaller scales, but i strongly believe every person’s life equals the same and is worth remembering. anyway. i feel like i ramble. i do apologise.

besides shocking world news, i’ve not had the worst week. a good week, actually, i’d say; and when has that last happened? i don’t know whether this happens to you, too, but i feel like there’s always nothing, or not much, at the very least, happening, until suddenly everything happens at the same time. it has been that kind of week. i spent a lot of time with friends having dinner and lunch and tea and cupcakes and watching star wars: episode i, and all that jazz. which is always lovely. so that’s been good. also, this week has brought some unexpected developments, which, being the tease i am, i shan’t disclose for the time being but will postpone this until they get more concrete.
so. da granola. i love granola. and since i started making my own, i haven’t bought any granola at the store. seeing as i already made my favourite ever granola on the blog before, i decided to go another route this week and try my luck with granola bars; a granola bar is a great little snack, i find, nice and crunchy, pre-portioned and depending on the amount of sugar in it (which, conveniently, can be adjusted in home made versions) much better for you than a chocolate bar (not that i never have those as snacks. obvs). i was too busy to go and buy ingredients, but luckily i found a great recipe with ingredients i happened to have lying around (not just randomly on the floor, that is) and ended up with ten crunchy, nutty, fruity, sweet bars starring sliced almonds and shredded coconut and chopped dates and dried apricots and cranberries and oats and honey and maple syrup and vanilla and some salt and some cinnamon and a bit of butter and basically all of those fun and scrumptious things. yay. i don’t know how long those will last, but i’ll definitely make another batch once they’re gone. oh well. i hope you all are well.
 next week we travel back in time. or forward: summer.

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