week forty-five – granola à la rahel

in times like these, when terrible things happen and it’s hard to wrap your head around what’s happening, when it’s difficult to grasp what you’re thinking and even more so feeling, writing a post about food seems like the last thing one should do. it seems wrong, just going on with normal life with the awful things taking place around us. then again, food is one of the things in this world that has the ability to bring people together, always. so without wanting to sound preachy, that is what i’m going to think about this week – people being brought together by what they share, be that love, hope or simply a comforting meal.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

for granola week, i once again looked to marta for inspiration – and promptly found some in her recipe for earl grey granola. drinking tea has become part an integral part of my morning routine, as has eating a bowl of granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit, so when i saw marta combining two of my morning essentials, i wanted to have a go at it, too.

although the granola turned out beautifully crunchy, i’d have expected a stronger earl grey flavor and will be sure try again once this batch is devoured (which could well be tomorrow…it’s addictive alright).


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